Friday, August 15, 2014

AsmaFirdaus Wedding Guestbook Corner


What a long silence huh? And I am back as Puan Nur Asma (^_^)

I've made this simple quilling guestbook and few props for photo taking. 


Till then,


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Felt: Wedding Anniversary

Aneep is an old friend of mine. He is my classmate in sekolah teknik 12 years ago. After school, me and my classmate been very busy with study and work and some busy with kids! (^^) Since last March we get back contacting each other with a help from mister WhatsApp. Arrange a small get together and in future, In sha Allah a big one. Aneep ask me to make something from felt fabric as a gift for their 2nd wedding anniversary. As I am not good in sewing, so I make my corkboard useful this time (>_<)

Aneep and his wife (who will be deliver a twin baby any time now) So sad that Aneep work at Sabah and her wife stays in KL. The good news is Aneep will move back to KL this coming November. 

Happy Anniversary Aneep and Yan.

Eagle Quilling

My colleague request an eagle quilling birthday card for her husband. At first I hesitated to say yes (as usual), but agreed to do it as she has help me a lot before. 

This is why I hesitate to say yes, cos I really don't know how to make animal shape quilling. At least this is the best that I can do. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

D.I.Y at Office : Box

First day of working after 4 days holiday really testing me. My assistant has resign and left me alone in the Technical Department .. sob sob sob.. Am adapting to take over (back) her unfinished job (sigh!) and to deal with internal conflict with my bo$$ and future career. Duhh..!!

As usual, making something from paper really can calm me. (^_^)''

My colleagues accidentally'' knows about my paper art. So she gave me last year CNY card.

  As I have un-organized highlighter on my drawer, I suddenly thinking of something..

Hehehe.. A box..!

So that all my colourful friend can live under one roof and easier to find.


Also..this so-called-tabung 

And few more.. Including using Tupperware colourful catalogue to put my paper-clip and rubber ban..

Genius.. hehehe...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wedding Guestbook : Quilling

My first wedding guestbook. Order from my lovely junior, Che'Nab. She asking for a cream colour theme with additional of soft colour. Check it out!

I am tied between office workload and health issue. I tried my best but still am not satisfied with my first book. Che'Nab has opened my inner will to do a lot more of books after this. Tengkiuuu Che'Nab!!! Sorry wording is not that cantik.. (Lesson to my self.)
Tq Che'Nab for put your trust to your Kunat..hehe (she's the only one can call me with that name ya..)

Selamat pengantin baru Che'Nab and Amir. 

* Gong Xi Fa Chai. Today is Friday and we got half day.. Yeayy!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Quilling for ME

Assalammualaikum W.B.T

Ok..Quilling kali ni memang amik mase tuk disiapkan. Bukan kerana saiz yang besar atau rumit, tapi sebab aku sendiri yang malassss...kikiki...Buat satu gulung je, mengantuk..Pastu simpan 2,3 minggu baru sambung..Memang la lame kan?kann?heee..

Ni aku buat tuk diri sendiri. 

Hasil kerja aku masih x kemas. Masih comot..hufff...camane eh?? (-_-) Still, masih ada yang mahu menempah (^_^)

Huruf S tu..pelik kan?Sebab b4 tu aku dah buat tapi terburuk, jadinye terpakse koyak. Nak cover, tampal dgn kertas lain la..heeeeeeeee..

Size: Half A4

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Handmade Colourful Box

Tinggal lah Quilling, tinggal lah felt, tinggal lah button.. Skang sibuk buat..ini....


Bunga kecik tu just testing-testing..rase tak nak letak sebab kertas dah colourful..

Idea datang tibe-tibe..Yang penting within bajet dan of course lain dari yang lain sket la.. Including nak colourful..Sebab tu pakai wrapping paper.Untuk yang "akan datang"..lambat lagi, tapi ready awal sebab nak buat banyak2..hehe..OK tak ??OK tak??

Size : 8cm x 8cm
Material: Warapping paper & Colour paper
Cost: RM0.30-0.40/box

Tutorial nanti ye.