Thursday, July 25, 2013

Felt: Wedding Anniversary

Aneep is an old friend of mine. He is my classmate in sekolah teknik 12 years ago. After school, me and my classmate been very busy with study and work and some busy with kids! (^^) Since last March we get back contacting each other with a help from mister WhatsApp. Arrange a small get together and in future, In sha Allah a big one. Aneep ask me to make something from felt fabric as a gift for their 2nd wedding anniversary. As I am not good in sewing, so I make my corkboard useful this time (>_<)

Aneep and his wife (who will be deliver a twin baby any time now) So sad that Aneep work at Sabah and her wife stays in KL. The good news is Aneep will move back to KL this coming November. 

Happy Anniversary Aneep and Yan.

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