Monday, February 13, 2012

Paper Flower Bouquet

Last weekend, I try to do 2 types of paper flower. Ranunculus and Rose [by petals], but my attempt stop after done 1 bud..[tunggu idea datang, baru siapkan =)] Then I did this..Check it out...!!

I'm trying new colour combination [ the old me stuck to one tone of colour only..duhh...boringggg..]

While taking this pic [in the car obviously], I'm using the decoration in my car to make the flower..err..perfect..?

Suitable as a present for girls.. also can be given to guy..=)

Till next entry,

xoxo (-,-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Liverpool Quillings

This Liverpool Quillings is requested by Sisa, my buddy also my housemate. 

When she asked for Liverpool theme, I was like "huh..?"..Complicated for a beginner like me. So I accept her order and challenge myself. Cewahh!! 

As this Liverpool thing is gift for a guy [what? to a guy??which guy?who is this guy?jeng jeng jeng..haha], so I made the quillings on a notice board [made from cork, the cork is covered with a white plain card here]. 

Kau kasi lelaki kad buang tenage je, tah mane2 die letak kang. Kasi notice board, baru ada harapan sikit die simpan atau gantung.Kan?Kan?

Then I found that the board look .. empty I can say.. 
and I ran out of same tone of red stripes that I used there..

 Last night, I put this little tiny so-called flower at the sides of the frame.

And black stripes all around the internal frame to covered the smudge ..urghh..!

Some of the difficult part here..

 and here..

and here.

So, Sisa. Sorry for the last minute changing, all the smudge, and uneven tone colour. Hope u satisfied, and even if u are not, u have too..!! muehehehe..
Dear Sisa, please give name to your relation..hehehe

p/s: Sisa = Siti Sarah