Monday, March 26, 2012

Paper Flower by Petals

This is my 1st attempt doing paper flower by petals techniques. Same technique, three diff sizes, and three diff finishes.. U can see the smudge everywhere, but it's ok..Learn from mistakes..kan??


Purposely let the round card empty. So, siape nak, can put the greetings later ikut ocassion. Be it birthday, thank you, congratulations, for their lover or what so ever.. =)


Hey ya! Congratulations..!!!

Size: Half A4

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilling: Swirl Flower

Happy Birthdayyyyy!!!!!.. Nah, kad for YOU (^_^)

Size: Half A4

Felt: Female Sign

Felt Female toilet sign!

Di buat masa cuti bencana banjir last week. Hehe..Saja suka-suka dan kurang kemas. But, Sape2 nak order akan di buat dengan lebih teliti. =)

 At first, dah siap terus gantung..Tapi...nampak kosong je pulak ek??

 Okeh..siapp.. =)