Wednesday, February 13, 2013

D.I.Y at Office : Box

First day of working after 4 days holiday really testing me. My assistant has resign and left me alone in the Technical Department .. sob sob sob.. Am adapting to take over (back) her unfinished job (sigh!) and to deal with internal conflict with my bo$$ and future career. Duhh..!!

As usual, making something from paper really can calm me. (^_^)''

My colleagues accidentally'' knows about my paper art. So she gave me last year CNY card.

  As I have un-organized highlighter on my drawer, I suddenly thinking of something..

Hehehe.. A box..!

So that all my colourful friend can live under one roof and easier to find.


Also..this so-called-tabung 

And few more.. Including using Tupperware colourful catalogue to put my paper-clip and rubber ban..

Genius.. hehehe...

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