Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Felt: Flat Felt Flower

'Balik Kampung' last week-days..and I took my felt fabrics [which full of dust] came back here with me..

Felt art will be more alive with the fibre/cotton inside [to make it more fluffy and stuff]. I want to make felt craft badly, still I don't have enough 'ingredients'..So, here it is..

What will I do with these flower cutted felt?

No idea  !..but thinking of making hand bouquet..hmm..can I?Is my felt enough for me making a bunch of flower??

Okey, after this nak borong felt dari supplier saye, my SIL..hew hew hew


Arifah said...

Kretipnya!!!! Suka tengok benda2 comel macam ni. :P

asma Pak Wahab said...