Monday, February 13, 2012

Paper Flower Bouquet

Last weekend, I try to do 2 types of paper flower. Ranunculus and Rose [by petals], but my attempt stop after done 1 bud..[tunggu idea datang, baru siapkan =)] Then I did this..Check it out...!!

I'm trying new colour combination [ the old me stuck to one tone of colour only..duhh...boringggg..]

While taking this pic [in the car obviously], I'm using the decoration in my car to make the flower..err..perfect..?

Suitable as a present for girls.. also can be given to guy..=)

Till next entry,

xoxo (-,-)


Kjewel said...

IHello, I absolutely adore your pink & purple bouquet. Do you sell them, if so what would this cost. Please let me know at Thank you! Just beautiful!


asma Pak Wahab said...

Kjewel,please check email. Thanks