Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anniversary Cards

This is for anniversary cards..The date is tomorrow, December 16th.Oh, it's not a card, but a paper frame..I paste the quilled paper onto the frame..Mostly, the quilled paper is ready made which I made it about few months ago..Since I am more to felt thing and flowering stuff at the moment, I decide to do quilling for this cards..Just a simple one lah..

First attempt doing the swirl..I learn from here

"Love is friendship set on fire" is my fave quote..Second time using the same quote for cards..Yeah, our relation starts with friendship..that's why.. (^_^)


khalmuz said...

salam. cute crafts :). Nak tanya, mcm mana u letak nama blog kat photo yg u upload? thank you :)


asma Pak Wahab said...


right click kat photo, then click edit.. then gambar akan automatic ke format "Paint"..kat situ, edit lah..nak kecik or besarkan gambar dan masukkan wordings =)

nak lagi updated, pakai adobe in me, i'm using "paint"..paling old fashion dan senang..=)